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Family roots planted deep in Michigan

By Sarah Wontorcik The Wontorczyk family first came to America in 1917, traveling from Eastern Europe in an attempt to avoid the turmoil of World War I. Like many immigrant families, when John and Anna Wontorczyk arrived at the Port of Entry at Ellis Island, the...

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Hard work passed down through generations

By Baylee Vrtiska My entire life I’ve been taught that hard work can get you further than anything else. No matter the circumstance. And it all started with Peter Foale, my third great-grandfather. Peter and his brother, William, left Liverpool, England, in May 1848...

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Heart of Lincoln: Monitoring the pulse of the city

Workers at Collective Impact Lincoln have been knocking on doors in six neighborhoods, trying to find out what residents in the city’s most struggling areas want and need. This project explores these diverse and historic neighborhoods in the Heart of Lincoln by...

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A very German thing to do

  By Ben Jones When I look at both sides of my family’s history, I see symmetry. I can’t see the big picture without understanding what role the military and education played. On both my mom and dad’s side, the story starts in Germany. William Boettger was born...

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Families search for familiarity

By Noelle Ervin I come from farmers and makers of deli meat. I should have known my history was chock-full of food. That much hasn’t really changed. In fact, the more I investigate my family history the more I realize how much we still have in common with my...

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Family history kept alive through vintage mug

By Megan Crain The small mug in my hand confused me. It was a graduation present from my Aunt Bernie. The mug had an almost iridescent finish, was spotted with blue and red flowers and the word “Mama” was written on the front in white letters. Why on earth was I, an...

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Polish family keeps parish tradition alive

By Rebecca Schrack For one weekend every August, St. Stanislaus Church in Omaha transforms into a bustling, laughter-filled community during their annual Polish Festival. Countless people gather under shady tents to keep the Polish heritage alive with music, food and...

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Polish Family Thrives On Labor And Love

By Morgan Gassert The story of my family’s immigration is a story that I am unfamiliar with. After gathering research from my family members, I am uncertain about the way in which my ancestors immigrated to Nebraska from Poland but one thing I’m sure of is the...

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