In-depth Reporting Projects

Heart of Lincoln: Monitoring the pulse of the city

Workers at Collective Impact Lincoln have been knocking on doors in six neighborhoods, trying to find out what residents in the city’s most struggling areas want and need. This project explores those neighborhoods in the Heart of Lincoln — their pasts and their futures.

Painting a new picture: New Americans and their art

Lincoln brims with cultural diversity as immigrants and refugees make their homes here. With these new cultures come a vibrant array of art and expression. Many in this growing community of New Americans have a passion for art and take pride in the work they do.

Healing Ways examines the issue of refugees and mental health, including the problems Lincoln refugees face and the solutions being explored.

Refuge on the Prairie (Spring 2017 Special Project)

Refuge on the Prairie is a seven-part series that examines Lincoln’s role in the resettlement of the world’s refugees. President Donald Trump’s executive orders that suspended immigration earlier in 2017 brought worldwide attention to the plight of refugees and immigrants. The series looks at Lincoln’s history and documents the stories of the new Americans who call the city home.


Spice of Life: New Americans and Food (Fall 2016 Special Project)

Spice of Life: New Americans and Food examines the importance of food in the lives of refugees and immigrants in Nebraska.

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