Lincoln high wrestler brings unique background to mat

Pla Plot Soe shows off one of his wrestling medals while sitting next to his father, Kyaw Gaw. Trev McDiffett When the 2019 NSAA State Wrestling Championships played host in February to the state’s top wrestlers, 896 competitors from all over Nebraska shot, rolled and...

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Uniting the community one citizen at a time

By Baylee Vrtiska Pablo Cervantes arrived in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 2001 with hope for a new future, but soon found himself struggling in a new country, where he had nothing. Cervantes, who fell in love with dance while growing up in Mexico, had toured Nebraska with a...

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Museum honors crafts making of multicultural women

By Samantha Biel On the third floor of the Nebraska History Museum, a giant pink, yellow and purple quilt splashes the white walls with bold patterns and color. Some squares of the quilt are embroidered with dainty flowers, while others are graffitied with a resolute...

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All history belongs in family stories

By Elizabeth Rembert My interest in my family history didn’t start until a black man with the same last name messaged me on LinkedIn. “I’m sorry to bother you but my family is from Rembert, S.C., and I’m very curious how we come together in the family,” Hosey Rembert,...

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Choosing friendship over prejudice

By Trev McDiffett  Ida Mae Willey was a true patriot. Everything from the flag she flew above her Sutton, Nebraska home, to her son, Wayne, who fought in World War II had American pride written all over it. During the war, troops returning home on the train would...

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