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2 different ancestors; 2 similar stories of hope

By Annie Albin The story of my immigrant history begins with two of my ancestors from two different sides of my family, both on boats to America and both hoping no one found them. One of those ancestors was Nick Delahamet, who would become my maternal...

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Norwegian Opera Singer Sought Broadway Fame

 By Katie Knight Christian Christiansen had big American dreams. It wasn’t the American Dream — he had no desire to own his own plot of land and farm it or to raise cattle and work his way up through the social ladder. His dreams were far more expansive and a little...

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Broda finds sweet opportunity across the ocean

By Danny Burke The early 1900s in Warsaw, Poland, were tough times. Frank Broda knew that firsthand. As a kid growing up in a small village, there wasn’t much to do or look forward to during these aggravating years. Broda, who would eventually become my...

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Family fled in pursuit of religious freedom

By Sarah Troyer Persecuted for their religious beliefs, my ancestors fled their home country. Hundreds of years later, my family found themselves still rooted in their faith. Michael and Magdalena Troyer were among many Mennonites who escaped Switzerland in the 1740s...

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A family of farmers makes a claim in a new land

By Anna Dubas In 1870, almost 50 percent of the United States population was employed in agriculture. With that in mind, my ancestors, Andrew Dubas and his wife, Agnes Podraza, decided to leave their homeland of Pilzno, Poland, and head to America in hopes of farming...

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“Where are you from?” — the long answer

By Lindsey Yoneda “Where are you from?” That’s the million-dollar question I’ve been getting for 22 years. “I’m from Omaha,” I’d answer. “No but where are you really from?” With my olive skin, almond eyes, thick dark hair and ambiguous last name, it turns into a sort...

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Independent women highlight my family’s story

As someone who loves history and learning about the past, I am constantly in search of where I came from and why I am the person I am today. I quickly learned that there isn’t much information on my ancestors and why they immigrated into the United States. But I do...

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Irish Descendants Make Roots In Downtown Lincoln

As Lincoln has changed dramatically over the years, I still see the framework left from a city that has made my family history into something special, where even a walk down one of our busy downtown streets can feel like I’m stepping into a family photo album.

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Royal Ancestry Reveals Strong-willed Women

By Utami Diah Kusumawati I learned from my family that strong-willed and influential women of our royal ancestry had great roles in creating the history of my country, Indonesia. I remember the day I first learned about this heritage from my father,  Raden Untung...

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A Eurasian Who Has Never Been To Europe

By Patricia Nangkal Although I was born and raised in Miami, Florida, I knew growing up I was not like my peers. No one looked like me or was familiar with the meals my family ate such as, Pad Thai or Paella. No one could figure out my diverse ethnic make-up while I...

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