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A very German thing to do

By Ben Jones When I look at both sides of my family’s history, I see symmetry. I can’t see the big picture without understanding what role the military and education played. On both my mom and dad’s side, the story starts in Germany. William Boettger was born in 1861...

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Families search for familiarity

By Noelle Ervin I come from farmers and makers of deli meat. I should have known my history was chock-full of food. That much hasn’t really changed. In fact, the more I investigate my family history the more I realize how much we still have in common with my...

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Family history kept alive through vintage mug

By Megan Crain The small mug in my hand confused me. It was a graduation present from my Aunt Bernie. The mug had an almost iridescent finish, was spotted with blue and red flowers and the word “Mama” was written on the front in white letters. Why on earth was I, an...

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Polish family keeps parish tradition alive

By Rebecca Schrack For one weekend every August, St. Stanislaus Church in Omaha transforms into a bustling, laughter-filled community during their annual Polish Festival. Countless people gather under shady tents to keep the Polish heritage alive with music, food and...

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Polish Family Thrives On Labor And Love

By Morgan Gassert The story of my family’s immigration is a story that I am unfamiliar with. After gathering research from my family members, I am uncertain about the way in which my ancestors immigrated to Nebraska from Poland but one thing I’m sure of is the...

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Family passes down card game for generations

By Alli Lorensen I remember my grandfather holding his thumbs against his temples and wiggling his fingers with a victorious grin plastered across his face. "Bucky, bucky, bucky," he chanted, as cards were tossed in a pile, signaling the end of the game. For my...

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Czech family carries on tradition of hard work

By Riley Slezak  My family’s story is much like many others’. We sailed across an ocean to find a new, better life and to build greater opportunities generation by generation. For much of my family’s history, the effort to build pathways to opportunities for the next...

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A family from everywhere makes Lincoln home

By Ky Venney Both sides of my family crossed an ocean to come to the United States. Much of each family’s history has been lost or forgotten over time, but the fortitude of my grandparents ensured that a new American saga would begin. My maternal grandfather’s family...

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Despite rocky past, Eickholt family future looks golden

While the past history of the Eickholt family isn't well documented, it’s safe to say that the family hasn't had the best of luck with money. On July 15, 1945, Richard Eickholt was the seventh child born to Martha and Eugene Eickholt in Sioux City, Iowa. Martha...

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Storytelling family survives Shakespearean-like feuds

By Cheyenne Rowe I come from a family of storytellers. I can say this confidently because I got three different versions of the same story when I asked where I came from. What follows is by far the most creative compilation of events; the jury is still out on its...

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Family has deep roots in South Dakota town

By Nicole Eisenbraun The Eisenbrauns have been near — and later in — Wall, South Dakota, for about as long as the small western town has existed. Wall was established as a railroad town for the Chicago and North Western Railroad system in 1907. The town name came from...

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Born in the U.S., but Mexico is where my heart is

When I was 15, my father sat my brothers and me down to tell us his life story. My father is from San Jose Iturbide, located in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico. The story of my father and grandmother’s lives is an unfortunate one. My grandmother, Nicerata Olvera, was...

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