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Family German heritage preserved in material artifacts

By Alexa Horn My great-great-great-grandfather branded his free-roaming livestock with the monogram “JL.” While Johann Leitow marked his cattle, the United States marked him with the name “John Leitem.” The land office had misspelled his last name as “Leitem” on his...

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Globalization runs in my family

By Natasya Ong Being a fourth-generation Malaysian, I am blessed to be born and raised in a culturally rich country. Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia has a mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian culture, and I have two cultures running in my blood because my father is...

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Escaping famine, seeking the American dream

By Jason McCoy Little is known about my family’s history and arrival to the United States, which is compounded by the contradictions my father, Larry Croghan, has discovered in the stories told by my grandfather, Jim Croghan. My legal name is Jason McCoy because I was...

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Swedish Ancestors Create A New Life

By Matthew Walsh My family’s immigration story starts with Emma Callstrom, the first in my family to immigrate to America and start a new life. Her family worked in agriculture in the southern farmlands of Sweden in a town called Jönköping. Emma was born on Nov. 2,...

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A new chapter in family’s long, rural history

By Drew Preston Unlike our parents, my younger brother and sister and I have always thought of ourselves as Nebraskans. Tim Preston and Terri Allen met when they were in college. They were one year apart at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, Iowa. They were married...

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Escaping the Bosnian war for “the good life”

By Hana Muslic I left the city I was born in at 11 months old, hidden in a car seat covered by jackets and a bulletproof vest. “Our story is really a fascinating one,” said my mother, Amila Tanovic-Muslic. My family came to Lincoln, Nebraska, as refugees from...

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My German heritage roots go deep

By Allan Christensen A person’s lineage is often easily broken into little fractional pieces.  Each person made up of two family trees intertwining.  Halves break into quarters and then eighths and further on into fractions much harder to say.  As they get smaller,...

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German ancestors immigrated for religious freedom

By Zach Worthington My family emigrated from Germany to the United States for religious freedom. That's according to my mother, who, as the youngest child in her family took it upon herself to keep detailed records of the family’s ancestral tree. My family is mostly...

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A family history rooted in Millard

By Andy Vipond My ancestors have left many marks in Nebraska. The land that is now Millard, Nebraska, was once owned by my ancestors. A general store in Clarkson, Nebraska, that opened in the 1900s is still being operated today by descendants. My ancestors immigrated...

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New beginnings and strange substances

By Madeline Christensen As a child, I didn’t know much about my ancestry except for a dusty ceramic mug that sat on a shelf in my grandparents’ kitchen. It was emblazoned with big red block letters: “You can always tell a Dane, but you can’t tell him much.” Fittingly,...

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My Nebraska roots go back 150 years

By Nate Becwar My family’s history is ingrained in the history of Nebraska. After all, there has been a Becwar living here since its admission to the Union in 1867. My mother’s side (mostly German) and my father’s side (mostly Czech) both came to America after the...

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