Author: Patricia Nangkal

As an immigrant, Lincoln school official understands refugee and immigrant families

By Patricia Nangkal Ever Preciado has been helping immigrants and refugees in Lincoln for many years. He understands the trials and tribulations immigrants and refugees face because he himself was an immigrant. “I can relate with refugees and immigrants,” he said. “I’m an immigrant and U.S. citizen by choice. When I came to the U.S., I didn’t know the language. So many things were different for me.” Trying to reach America was traumatic for the young Preciado, who emigrated from Guatemala when he was 16. “I had a fear of getting caught when I traveled through Mexico with my...

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A Eurasian Who Has Never Been To Europe

By Patricia Nangkal Although I was born and raised in Miami, Florida, I knew growing up I was not like my peers. No one looked like me or was familiar with the meals my family ate such as, Pad Thai or Paella. No one could figure out my diverse ethnic make-up while I spoke perfect English but looked foreign. No one had ever heard of Thai people or Thai food but they knew what Chinese food was, so by default I was lumped under the Chinese category. People were familiar with Mexican food, and assumed that I must be Mexican...

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