Author: Madison Wurtele

Girl Scouts of Nebraska strives to engage refugee children

By Madison Wurtele The Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska is working to empower refugee children and youth through a new program in Lincoln. The goal is to spread the Girl Scouts’ core values of building courage, confidence and character to young refugees who may not have been exposed to the organization otherwise, said Renae Ninneman, a program and outreach coordinator for Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska.  The first group began meeting in August at Park Middle School. The clubs have since expanded to four other locations: Goodrich Middle School, North Star High School, the Asian Community and Cultural Center...

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My family’s strength perseveres through generations

By Madison Wurtele Four years ago, at my grandmother’s funeral, her youngest sister stopped and stared at me intently long enough to make me feel uncomfortable. “I can’t believe how much she looks like my mother did,” she said to my mom as if I weren’t in the room. This is a reoccurring sentiment shared by many of my relatives. Caroline Heng Kreifles was my great grandmother’s name. She died in 1997 when I was just 3. I have few memories of her. The only connection that I have to her now is a faded yellow baby quilt that...

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