Author: Matt Walsh

Iraqi entrepreneur builds a future in Nebraska

By Matthew Walsh The flashing neon lights of restaurants and grocery stores are a common sight on 27th Street in Lincoln, Nebraska — one of the most diverse culinary areas in the city. The streets are lined with Vietnamese restaurants, taco trucks and Middle Eastern markets. Many of these stores are owned by immigrants and refugees who settled in the city to find a better life. While some Americans think refugees and immigrants are a drain to society, statistics show that immigrants are twice more likely to start small businesses than native-born Americans. These entrepreneurs contribute to the tax base...

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Swedish Ancestors Create A New Life

By Matthew Walsh My family’s immigration story starts with Emma Callstrom, the first in my family to immigrate to America and start a new life. Her family worked in agriculture in the southern farmlands of Sweden in a town called Jönköping. Emma was born on Nov. 2, 1862, to Andrew and Marie Callstrom. At the time, women weren’t allowed to work on the farms so Emma found work as teenager as a servant for a wealthier family in Jönköping; she helped take care of the children, serve food and attend to the daily household chores. In the late 1880s,...

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