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Technology offers accessible way for language learners to be consistent

By Riley Bowden Griffith Swidler had taken French classes before traveling abroad last year, but by no means did he speak French.  Not the way French people speak French, anyway.  He learned as much of the language as he could conventionally in a classroom, but as anyone who has learned a second language will tell you: books and worksheets will only take you so far.  “You have to experiment a lot,” said Swidler, who applies the same principle when teaching English as a second language to refugees at Lincoln Literacy. In the search to find better ways to learn...

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I hail from a family of world travelers

By Rachel Hobbs This time next year, I hope to be living in another country. Of course, I will miss Nebraska—it’s been my home all my life—but I’m ready to try something new. Despite planning this move for the past three years, I am a little nervous about it. Moving to a new country is difficult. Even in this day and age, when transportation is quick and support is readily available. I’m sure my ancestors felt the same way when they immigrated here. My father’s side was predominantly Irish: Edward Coffey was born in Ireland in 1670. He moved...

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Embracing my Irish roots

By Riley Bowden The Irish. Everyone thinks they know everything about the Irish. Here is where I want to dispel every assumption about Irish families, but the reality is I can’t. Yeah, my family loves carbs. Bread, potatoes, you name it. We love it, and we aren’t afraid to admit it. Wherever my mom’s side holds a family reunion, the location pretty much becomes the third most populated city in South Dakota. We all genuinely try to remember everyone’s name, but it seems like there is a new name to remember every other month. My mother is one of...

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I come from a long line of wild women

By Audrey Nance “We come from a long line of wild women,” my Nana told me as she dished us up some chicken salad in the kitchen of her little pink house in Omaha. I’d heard this phrase a thousand times before growing up. It was an old saying in my family, one each generation seemed to take a little more pride in than the last. I’d come to visit my “Grand Old Irish Nana,” as my mother calls her, the matriarch of our little clan, to learn more about those wild women that came before us and how...

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My Way: The story of the McCartys

When the Rev. Charles Justin McCarthy moved to Canada in 1788, the authorities there thought he was a rabble-rouser and a rebel. “I think we shall be able to banish him for Crimes of a heinous Nature,” wrote the Rev. John Stuart, who was on the board that denied Charles’ request for a land grant. In reality, Charles, an itinerant preacher and my sixth great grandfather (the ‘h’ eventually dropped from the family name), was probably just a typical McCarty: a stubborn man unafraid of voicing his opinions, no matter the consequences. By 1770, Charles left his home country...

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