Author: Hana Muslic

Lincoln’s Bosnian community finds comfort in seeing “The Bosnian Doctor”

By Hana Muslic Maja Cartwright and her family have been seeing “The Bosnian Doctor” at the Women’s Clinic in Lincoln, Nebraska, for more than a decade. Cartwright came to the United States as a Bosnian refugee when she a teenager, so she was appreciative to find a medical professional who spoke the same language and understood the practices of both countries. “There’s a familiarity with her,” Cartwright said. “She’s able to answer questions my mom has about health and procedures because things were done differently in Bosnia. She does a good job of explaining how things are done here and...

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Escaping the Bosnian war for “the good life”

By Hana Muslic I left the city I was born in at 11 months old, hidden in a car seat covered by jackets and a bulletproof vest. “Our story is really a fascinating one,” said my mother, Amila Tanovic-Muslic. My family came to Lincoln, Nebraska, as refugees from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in April 1996. Our story begins in early 1992, when the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia began to dissolve. Each of its former territories declared and fought for independence, especially after the rise of Serbia’s then-president Slobodan Milosevic. Under Milosevic, the tensions that had already been brewing...

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