Author: Cassie Kernick

Bosnians help build Lincoln’s Silicon Prairie

By Cassie Kernick When Samir Muslic came to America in 1996, his life in Bosnia was already established. He had a wife, Amila, an infant daughter, Hana, and a promising career as a graphic designer. Even during the Bosnian War the determined Muslic found a way to work and keep himself busy. But ultimately, he said the future of his daughter is what finally instigated the move. “She’s one of the reasons why we came here,” he said. “We didn’t want to start again from scratch in the same place; we wanted to get something better for her.” So...

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Polish heritage provides sense of identity

By Cassie Kernick Growing up, my mother was always fine. Not because growing up on a little farm in Nebraska as one of eight children was easy, because it wasn’t. But because “fine” was the only way to she knew how to respond to the question “How are you?” in Polish. Her parents never taught her nor her siblings more of the language. “The only time they spoke to each other in Polish was when we were in trouble,” my mom said with a laugh, remembering all the trouble she and her siblings found themselves in growing up in...

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